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We offer a wide selection of cedar lumber, cedar posts, farm fencing, and custom logging solutions.

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We maintain a high volume of stock throughout the year. We do not have any minimum/maximum order requirements.

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We arrange transportation for all orders regardless of log sizes or volumes.

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We're a farm-based cedar mill operation located in Millbank, ON.

We provide all of our customers, farms, and larger operations quality cedar posts and cedar lumber. We understand the needs of those in the agricultural sector as a farm-based operation ourselves and service all customer requests and volume requirements.

We also employ strict quality control policies to ensure we only source quality cedar wood and create well-produced cedar posts and lumber. If a product does not meet your standards of quality, return it and we’ll replace it immediately.

Pricing-by-Diameter Estimates

Pricing varies by project

3 inch diameter

Turned furniture logs
Fencing logs

4 inch diameter


Fencing logs

5 inch diameter


Fencing logs

6 inch diameter


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Tilman Bauman
5051 Streicher Line, Millbank ON


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